34 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Review”

  1. This should have had some consultancy from the Fireteam Chat guys. It’s way too early and seems to completely miss the point of what Bungie is trying to do with the Seasons. The full blown content of Shadowkeep and Season of The Undying will be revealed over time.

  2. I guess you're being vague about the story to avoid giving away spoilers? Disappointing as it makes the story sound superficial. Also, as a non-raider Vex Offensive gives me a taste of the raid. Before anyone tells me to LFG I don't have the energy to commit to a raid, nor do I have the patience to play with teenagers and kidults alike. I worked out a way a few years ago to play this game without it feeling repetitive, but then again I don't care if I'm 1000 power in week one.

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