Does Sugar Lead to Weight Gain?

The sugar industry’s response to evidence implicating sweeteners in the obesity epidemic.

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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28 thoughts on “Does Sugar Lead to Weight Gain?”

  1. Too much abdominal fat is linked to estrogen. Too high estrogen. Because of all the soy in everything… GUYS they're even putting soy in bread, beer and protein bars! They are making us infertile! Same with wireless radiation(wifi/mobile phones) – also makes people infertile with enough exposure among countless other side-effects! Also, carbs = weight gain. This is already widely known. Hence the keto diet was born.

  2. This video format is good. I always enjoy seeing the good ol Dr Greger in action. And the graphic changes with the transitions are all very clean. Keep it up guys, i love the whole NF tean

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