Dont Wipeout – Wipeout Game Review – PS4 Gameplay Review

Hello, one and all.
In this video, I review wipeout omega collection which is a damn is out on ps4 and has been for a little while,
The wipeout omega collection is free in the month of august and comes with a few extra bits of DLC to sweeten the deal.. Not bad for a freebie from sony.

This channel was set up to give you honest reviews about the games you want to buy. So before you rush out to buy the next title on your wish list and you want to hear it from someone who isn’t being paid to review games then pull up a seat, kick back and see if the game you want is really worth your money.
Also on this channel, you will find tutorial-style content to help my fellow gamers (that’s you) to help as much as I can if your stuck or just need a guide to get you going.

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6 thoughts on “Dont Wipeout – Wipeout Game Review – PS4 Gameplay Review”

  1. I can say this I love this game so much it brings such memories of the classic wipeout, and going through all different yet update tracks it looks absolutely marvellous, awesome review my good sir.

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