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Dragon Quest 1-3 review Nintendo Switch Square Enix will release Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation for Switch via the Nintendo eShop alongside the release of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition on September 27

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23 thoughts on “DRAGON QUEST 1-3 SWITCH REVIEW – Happy Console Gamer

  1. The DQ11 Switch 2D mode looks awesome. Should have redone the games with that team and style. I have the Steam/PC version, but am seriously considering getting a Switch Lite and the game again for that.

  2. thanks for the info i think i'm going to pick them up and try them being able to play them on the switch is awesome to me.

  3. Happy Console gamer – agree with you.
    I told Nintendo many months ago to release all 3 Dragon Quest games on the 3DS on a Single cartridge and using assets from the Wii/Super Famicom version.
    and I also recommended to Nintendo to put a Remastered Wii/Super Famicom collection on the Switch using the assets from the 25th Anniversary Wii version with the NEW opening animation.
    alas, Nintendo did NOT listen to me. Perhaps it was a Licesing issue.
    anyways, i'm having a blast playing DQ XI S on the Switch and later I will eventually play DQ 1 – 3 on the switch as well.
    I also own all the DS/3DS Dragon Quest games. and plan on playing them again someday.

    I am still MAD at Nintendo for NOT publishing all of the DQM games on the Switch, we still never got the Japan 3DS remakes of Terry's Wonderland 3D and DQM 2 Cobi & Tera as well as DQM 3 Joker . I still hope ONE day Nintendo will publish these games on the Switch.

  4. I bought all 3 and I still loved them, currently in 3, ignore the minor stuttering, you know since the games are tile based, and you would know that these are still great games at their cores

  5. Christ, the graphics are godawful. They couldn't add one more frame of animation? Or keep the character sprites consistent with the backgrounds?!

  6. was the Wii collection release in Japan just ports of the SFC versions? Wish they'd have just ported those instead of being based on the mobile versions. Art style of the characters and monsters is totally different from the world, they sort of clash IMO, monsters look good but the characters look weird (like many Japanese games, super deformed; I really hate that art style).

  7. These have to be some of the ugliest 2D games I've ever seen in my life. Impressive how bad this looks. Definitely doesn't seem worth playing to me unless they update it to add actual sprites in. Otherwise, it just looks like an extremely unprofessional mixture of random art styles that end up look like crap lol.

  8. Hard pass for me. The mobile look is enough for me to pass, looks like crap. Then it has more issues on top of that.. ouch. Should just remake these with modern graphics, that could work.

  9. They did this with ffix – I hate lazy mobile ports. Port the original and I'll maybe give it a try, otherwise ill just play it on my phone

  10. I'll skip these and just wait til RPG Maker comes out on switch and just remake them on there, since it'll look about the same. Seemed way too over-excited in the video. Plus, I'd rather play the GBC versions.

  11. I love you and your channel. One of my absolute top favorite channels . I do think you should re evaluate these games. I think they stand far better than what you gave credit for here. You said the artwork was uninspired. I feel differently . To me these games look amazing. I directly compared them to the SNES versions and these look far superior . I feel your review could cut revenue in sales and deter them from bringing 4,5,6,7,8,9 to switch.

  12. "It looks great" what? it looks terrible even when not moving, the sprite work looks amateurish at best, and there's a mix of different type of sprites, like they were made for different resolutions. The backgrounds are ok, the characters look terrible in my opinion, the monsters are like much higher resolution and completely static and the font used is like the most basic sans-serif type with no personality at all. The Super Famicom ports still look great on a big screen, they should release a collection with the original NES, SFC and Game Boy versions. I'm not wasting any money on this lazy crap.

  13. Those sprites are fucking horrible, they look as if someone did a sketch and that was decided to be the final product. Like what where they thinking?! You said it right, this games are a mixed bag, a mixed bag of shit!

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