Drive Thru Review – Top 50 Games of All Time #1-10

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Drive Thru Review – Top 50 Games of All Time #1-10

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#10 (00:44);
#9 (11:42);
#8 (21:28);
#7 (30:51);
#6 (40:32);
#5 (45:11);
#4 (51:50);
#3 (01:01:46);
#2 (01:07:40);
#1 (01:15:09);
rambling begins (01:23:39);

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44 thoughts on “Drive Thru Review – Top 50 Games of All Time #1-10”

  1. When you talk about making this list and the whys and wherefores of ranking or listing games, I feel like this list is Less about 'what is a good game with solid mechanisms etc.' for the masses… and More ' what game gives me the most enjoyment or fun'…which is personal. When you talk about games you actually have the most fun with, your enthusiasm shines and then I just want to get to the table and play!

  2. Loved the list Joel, thanks a lot for your work. I don't know if is related to how much one has been in the hobby (in my case since 2012), but lately I have been really eager to try something related to warhammer, right now I'm between kill team and Blackstone. Also it doesn't help that a friend keeps hammering me with 40K lore. Anyway thanks again!

  3. Your breakdown of each game is the reason I love your videos…If it's I game I have, i understand better why I may enjoy it listening to you articulate it's boons, if I don't have the game, I gain a good understanding of how it would play out just by listening to you and I feel better informed. Thanks for indulging me in a surprising and fun list O' games.

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