EON Super 64 Modless HDMI for Nintendo 64 Review | Worth the $150? | Rewind Mike

EON, The same team behind GCHD went to work and hammered out a modless hdmi solution for the Nintendo 64. You just plug and play!

Super 64 taps into the S Video out and doubles the lines to provide a crisp 480p image on top of a “slick mode” toggle option. This device touts Lagless input as another feature. The best part, unlike another clone console that’s coming out, the Super 64 is 100% compatible with the N64 library.

I always try to do something different with my intros to these product reviews. So I hope you can appreciate the calm before the storm in this one!


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12 thoughts on “EON Super 64 Modless HDMI for Nintendo 64 Review | Worth the $150? | Rewind Mike”

  1. I really like how you compared footage but as you said, it's all super nitpicky. Looks great. Might consider getting one someday. Composite on my Trinitron looks good enough at this point.

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