Era: Medieval Age Review with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at a “Roll and Build” about building a medieval village!

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48 thoughts on “Era: Medieval Age Review with Tom Vasel”

  1. the board should have sticker on top with nice illustrations in order to be more thematic. hopefully that will be available in the geek store at some point.

  2. The review is much appreciated, this also tempers my excitement a little and I'll be looking to try a demo at GenCon before attempting a purchase. At least I like the idea of having a physical board over a pad of paper.

    Random aside: Love the little Hallgrímskirkja on your shelf! That's a beautiful church in an amazing city.

  3. Terrible choice of ground colour (show-stopper for me). Apart from being an eyesore, it makes the yellow structures hard to visualise. For a future edition, I'd suggest a muted (greyish) green.

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