Fortnite Wildcard and Quadcrasher McFarlane Toys Epic Games Vehicle Action Figure Review

McFarlane Toys conitinues to impress after upping their game with the Fortnite property along with other lines. Cuddle Team Leader, Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Raptor, all amazing. Saying that, I absolutely could not pass up Wildcard Black and the Quadcrasher.

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44 thoughts on “Fortnite Wildcard and Quadcrasher McFarlane Toys Epic Games Vehicle Action Figure Review”

  1. I hope McFarlane does there DC vehicle are like these instead of a build a batmobile i hope there suited bodies are like this

  2. There's not really much to know about the characters from fortnite. They're not really characters. They're just Cosmetics skins. Meaning there's not really any backstory or character development behind any of them. And none of them have any form of speaking roles.
    So as far as the figures themselves, there's not really much you could know about them except what they look like. The accessories and vehicles would take some game knowledge to understand properly.

  3. I wonder if this is a sign that we will potentially get Batmobiles, bat Cycles, and another Vehicles when McFarlane starts releasing DC stuff

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