[GAME REVIEW] Fitness Boxing VS Ring Fit Adventure, my thoughts

Today’s video is the comparison about the two games. I shared my opinion based on my gameplay experience. In general, I love both games.

I’ve played Fitness Boxing for 8 months, and changed to Ring Fit since it released. the concept of the two games are different, but the final goal is same – to make you get to do fitness with happiness.

Ring Fit Adventure starts to get me concerned, and I start to miss fitness boxing. But I had fun with both games.

The concept of PLAY TO LOSE series is to play games to lose weights. Started from my long term game review about Fitness Boxing. I love education games, because games supposed to educate you without arise your negative emotions. I’m testing if the games can really get you slim.

Thanks for watching. Thank you for your time with me. I hope I can be a better person by doing workout, and hope you would feel inspired by what I’m doing now.

Now I’m making my video in two languages, the Chinese version of this video will be up soon. The link will be here. Stay tuned.

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