Game Review: Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, Week 4 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Chris Simms opens up his notebook from his film study of the Vikings’ loss to the Bears and explains why Kirk Cousins struggled in Chicago. #NBCSports #NFL #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #MinnesotaVikings #ChicagoBears

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‘Chris Simms Unbuttoned’ features in-depth Xs and Os NFL analysis; one-on-one interviews with players, coaches, executives, and draft prospects; game recaps and previews; gambling segments; extensive player analysis leading into the NFL Draft; and much more.

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Game Review: Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, Week 4 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports


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21 thoughts on “Game Review: Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, Week 4 | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

  1. He blames Adam for talking then agrees with what he said…shut up

    Airing Laundry????

    Adam commented on something we all saw…something aired on television

    We’re finished as a species

  2. And I'm sorry but, next year, these media pundits can't be picking the Vikes to win over my Bears anymore.

    Weve literally beat them 3 times in a row and 1 with out backup.

    We have the Vikes number

  3. Dam Sims are you that twisted that you were so wrong about your prediction ? Just apologize its over ! but that's not your way is it BIG TIME ? Norm/Herd Since you were such a HOF QB , I wonder how you would have done in same situation ? But we already know don't we ! Seems you need to remember your short time Mister ! At least Cousins is trying to own His – instead of blaming ! That's what men do !!!! Norm/Herd

  4. Luv me some Chris Simms but he's the #1 Kirk Cousins apologists. He will be the last dude to get off the Cousins banwagon. Thielen is not some rookie, he knows the players code so if he spoke out its because there is some deep frustration that is not being addressed in the building. Cousins had the same complains for DeSEan Jackson in DC.

  5. The Bears DLine and whooped the Bears OLine the past three games in a row. Nothing will change until that changes.

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