GINGER SNATCH GAME: Drag Race UK Review S01E04

It’s the snatch game and it DELIVERED. Also, Geri was there.
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The most anticipated episode of #DragRaceUK came and went with some terrific one-liners from MVPs The Vivienne and Baga Chipz. At the other end of the pile, Sum Ting Wong and Crystal fell foul of picking tricky characters that didn’t shine when it mattered the most. Cheryl and Blu gave very competent offerings and no one was really sure about Divina, whose star moment came in the werk room during a conversation about same-sex marriage.

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34 thoughts on “GINGER SNATCH GAME: Drag Race UK Review S01E04”

  1. I knew I was right to be concerned when I heard Geri was going to be on. Her charisma and stage presence has fallen into a vacuum. Her instagram is her being posh in a big country manor and wearing only white

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