Glorious “Model O-” Gaming Mouse Review – My NEW MAIN FOR CSGO! (O.D.I.N.)

Buy the Glorious “Model O-“: (affiliate link)

Previous review of larger model –

Hope everyone enjoys, this is now my new main! This will be the first time in almost 2 years that I’ve switched. Post any questions or feedback in the comments for me!

0:00 Intro
0:35 Shape
0:58 Dimensions
1:17 Coating Options
1:25 Matte VS Glossy
1:38 Sensor
1:45 Weight balance
1:48 LOD
1:54 Mouse 1/2 Buttons
2:30 Side Buttons
2:49 Side Walls / Flex Test
2:59 Mouse Wheel
3:13 Rattle Test
3:21 DPI Button / Options
3:35 Mouse Skates/Feet
4:20 Cable
4:29 Cable in bungee
4:49 RGB Lighting Recap
5:16 Build Quality
5:45 Final Thoughts
6:30 LULW in chat pls



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28 thoughts on “Glorious “Model O-” Gaming Mouse Review – My NEW MAIN FOR CSGO! (O.D.I.N.)”

  1. Keep grinding YouTube because you will get big, you are one of the best reviewers I have watched and those vid edits are in a world of their own

  2. my hand size is 17.5 cm by 8.5 cm I have been using the logitech g502 for the past year so i was wandering if I should get the model 0 , O- or the mm710 what do u recommend or any that knows about mouse

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