Lenovo Legion Y540 with GTX 1660 Ti – 15″ Gaming Laptop Review

Buy one at Lenovo – (affiliate link) – The Lenovo Y540 delivers great performance out of a relatively small form factor thanks to the new Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti GPU inside. See more gaming laptops: and subscribe!

00:47 – Hardware Overview
01:00 – Price
01:10 – Display
01:45 – CPU
01:51 – GPU GTX 1660Ti explained
02:49 – RAM
03:01 – Storage
03:31 – Weight
03:42 – Speakers
03:56 – Keyboard
04:30 – Trackpad
04:38 – Connectivity
04:40 – Ports
05:56 – Webcam
06:22 – Gaming: Fortnite
06:36 – No Gsync
06:58 – Gaming: Rocket League
07:12 – Gaming: GTA V
07:31 – Gaming: Witcher 3
07:45 – Gaming: Doom
08:22 – 3dMark Timespy Benchmark
08:53 – 3dMark Stress Test
09:21 – Fan Noise
10:05 – Battery Life
10:46 – Final Thoughts

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50 thoughts on “Lenovo Legion Y540 with GTX 1660 Ti – 15″ Gaming Laptop Review”

  1. In future gaming laptop reviews, it would be helpful if you told the audience whether or not a given product uses NVIDIA's Optimus automatic graphic switching technology. The Y540 does not support this, so the NVIDIA GPU is on all the time, which is why its battery life is poor.

  2. Hey Lon, do you think you could include a quick aside for what GPU the video ports are connected to for future laptop reviews that have a dedicated GPU? You can usually see this though the physX menu in the Nvidia control panel. This information is helpful for anyone who wants to attach a virtual reality headset or an adaptive sync monitor as these devices don't work as well if the port is wired to the Intel igpu.

  3. I don't understand these laptop makers not including Thunderbolt. Automatically a no go for me, every laptop should have Thunderbolt.

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