MALAYSIA, PENANG: George Town tour + street art | Vlog 1

Finally Penang, Malaysia! George Town is the capital of Penang and second-most populous city in Malaysia. Join our George Town tour at the historic district, one of the major Penang attractions.

One of the top things to do in Penang is photograph the street art. Penang is famous for street art involving objects. But there’s much more in the Georgetown historic center, where the mix of European and other Asian cultures can be witnessed in the architecture and the food.

In this vlog, you’ll also see Chew Jetti (establishment of Chinese shops and houses built on stilts sitting above the ocean) and a nice sunset at Three Sixty Skybar.

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37 thoughts on “MALAYSIA, PENANG: George Town tour + street art | Vlog 1

  1. Hi, Renata. Love your vlog. I'm planning to visit penang in Nov 19. What's the name of the Airbnb that you stayed in Georgetown? Ty. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Hi Renata, we just found your channel and love the vids and content, Big fat sub 🙂 We also are travel vlogger currently in Malaysia with lots of Asia vlogs on our channel. Have a look and subscribe if you like 🙂 Greetings from Kuala Lumpur

  3. Planning to visit Penang Oct this year. This video is very useful, like all other Renata's videos. Visiting Penang will surely be an awesome experience especially with a companion like Renata!

  4. Wow,i love ur video.. and soon i will visit penang by the end of november 2019. How bout the weather around november?? By the way.. as it for girls,the main problem is to find some public toilets while travelling. Is it hard to find some?? Thx before

  5. Hello I'm from Penang island and yes there will be 3rd bridge expected start building right on end of this year might take awhile to complete

  6. New subscriber here! 🙋‍♀ I've never seen such creative & informative video like this. Really enjoyed watching it, can't wait to visit Penang next week. Thank you!!

    By the way, may i know where exactly is the Tourist Information Centre? 😊

  7. Hi Renata !! Your travel log never fails to impress me. It was exciting, fun & entertaining. I'd enjoyed watching it very very much.. Yes, another great vlog.😎💜

  8. I have been to Peneng. Wonderful place to roam around and varieties of food. You nailed it asusual with your splendid Vlogging. Really inspiration for small YouTubers like me. ❣️

  9. Honestly, I have never subscribe to any of Youtubers' travelogs. But with Renata, I just love the way she explained everything, her contents– were so informative! ♥️

  10. You Must come to
    Kuala Pilah,Negeri Sembilan, (one of state) in Malaysia. In kuala pilah you guys can see there’s 5 house of praying from difference believes side by side !!! harmoniously!!! Like crush,Hindu temples, Singh temple ,toh kong for chinese and Mosques for islam)
    What makes interesting is in front of the mosque beside the toh kong it has the old agreement that written in Arabic and Chinese language.
    Don’t worry we have KFC in kuala Pilah. And Giant Mall if your a shopper person. Have a nice Trip welcome to Malaysia 🇲🇾

  11. Welcome to Penang, Malaysia, I am a Penangnite, you should try street food, the best food in Penang is street food. Love your Video !

  12. Next visit should be the Langkawi Island, I went there several times already and the sceneries never get me bored. It's also full of historical places to visit too.

    Langkawi cable car
    Wildlife park or geopark
    The beaches, idk it's names
    Eagle statue and it's park
    Langkawi Chenang market

  13. Great video. Love Penang, was there in 2016, and planning to go back next year. Malaysia is my favourite country to visit as a remote worker who travels.

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