1. Kaiser Permanente does not have the non narcotic pain reliever that treats 8-9 level pain that spikes 10 on the richter scale. I withdrew from 4mg morphine 1x/day at night so that I could tolerate the pain of being in one position (lying down) for 8 hours. Anyhow withdrew with plenty of notice to primary care dr. and rheumatologist and both of them did nothing to help me with pain. IN fact the rheumatologist nurse called me to say that all my emails asking for help are interrupting their business and I NEED TO STOP EMAILING THEM. They dont know how to handle a chronic high pain patient …. just a warning to those inexperienced with treatment like this…as I was…take it from me…you could be begging for narcotic pain relief for 8 months and they dont hear you.

    Good thing I have my own stash of morphine….I have all the justification of why I have to self treat…I cant handle the side effects and blood pressure that is 45 points higher from untreated pain with their non narcotic pantry of drugs they have provided all at once that include the warning: NO ALCOHOL. What you get there is NO narcotic, no pain relief, no alcohol allowed, and obviously no thc allowed. Its a life I dont accept and I just hope the pain specialist I select in a new insurance company can understand that Kaiser is inept when it comes to pain….and I just had to take care of myself or risk permanent high blood pressure as my new normal. Rediculousness!!!

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