Monopoly Voice Banking Family Game Review

Item provided for free by Hasbro for review

This a new version the oh-so-classic Monopoly! The purist game players will surely miss holding and keeping track of their paper money. In the new Voice Banking version you let Mr Monopoly keep track of everything. There are more then a few game changes, but you still get the classic game feel. Once you pick your favorite piece; car – dog- dinosaur (not dragon 🙂 & cat, just select it on the electronic top hat. From there remember to click your character and speak what you want to do. So simple! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video.

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23 thoughts on “Monopoly Voice Banking Family Game Review”

  1. It's cool and all, but the fun of handling money was what made monopoly. I do have the electronic banking version and even with the "credit/debit" cards it's still fun.

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