My honest opinion on Jifu Travel

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When big travel loses you win!

Hotels, rental car companies, theme parks, and airlines lose billions on unsold inventory. They predict with incredible accuracy when there will be vacant rooms or unsold seats. Like any smart business, they know that getting something is better than nothing.

Using sophisticated mathematical algorithms, big travel companies can tell when they have to unload their inventory to discount websites….and THIS is where the JI-FUN begins.

As a JIFU Member or Member Affiliate, we pass through the rates for hotels, car rentals and all things travel to you at the price big travel providers unload on the unsold inventory market.


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3 thoughts on “My honest opinion on Jifu Travel”

  1. When I as an affiliate save $1000 at a hotel. Can I give out as many buddy passes as I want to friends and have them save $500 each? Can I give someone else my reward credits?

  2. Hey Branden I want to do this but I see on it you have a much larger platform- I recently was hack on ig and had to restart literally the other day. What’s the odds of being successful in this if you don’t have a platform and I don’t have many friends

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