My Most Polarizing Game This Year | Little Town Hero REVIEW

Little Town Hero is the newest game from Game Freak, the house of Pokemon. When it’s good, it’s really good, but a reliance of luck hampered my enjoyment of the game’s great strategy gameplay. This is the most conflicted I’ve been with a game this year, which bothers me, as it’s so close to being great. If you want to hear more, watch the above review.

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44 thoughts on “My Most Polarizing Game This Year | Little Town Hero REVIEW”

  1. it looks like theres good ideas in this game, I like the concept of deck building and a board game to give a different strategy you wouldnt normally have, but it seems like its just bogged down by a lack of control for the player, if they tweaked the rng bit, it may have potential to be something interesting and enjoyable

  2. Dang, that's a shame that this game is looking to be divisive among people. In my opinion Game Freak, while a competent studio in its own right, doesn't seem to have the staff necessary to handle multiple projects at once and both Pokemon and its own IP's suffer as a result. They find themselves in a rather uncomfortable position having to juggle these franchises.

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