Netflix’s “Family Reunion” Review

I watched two episodes of Netflix’s new sitcom “Family Reunion” and I really wanted to say this. I do hope the later episodes are better though!


Thank you for watching…er…listening!

Until next time.


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9 thoughts on “Netflix’s “Family Reunion” Review”

  1. The colorist casting was hugely irritating to me. Especially the beauty pageant episode when cocoa is giving that “heartfelt “ speech about her lighter than most white people daughter being a beautiful black woman.i did like the grandmother and had a chuckle or two here and there but I was very disappointed in the writing overall and a lot of moments felt rushed and forced. Sad!

  2. Yea it really isn't I watched a few episodes and I'm disappointed ..and I dont understand why all their kids look mixed or of lighter skin tone ..but over all it just seems kinda cheesy and non authentic 🙅. Thank u for your review bc I was wondering how others viewed this

  3. I watched the show last night for the first time. The comparison of this show to Family Matters is dead on. I see two issues with his show from the onset. 1. The show is supposed to be taped live, but the laughter heard after jokes seems to be inauthentic, which for me throws the whole mood off. Laughter is supposed to be contagious, but the way the laughter sounds, you'd think it was computer generated or recorded. 2. The show jumped in feet first. You are given so much information and backstory in such a short period that everything seems rushed.

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