Orleans (and expansions) – A Gaming Rules! Review

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In this video, I’m going to be telling you what I think about Orleans and the expansions

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18 thoughts on “Orleans (and expansions) – A Gaming Rules! Review

  1. Love the game and 90% of the expansions are great. Orleans is my favourite game but I obviously have not played as many games as Paul.

  2. Thank you for the review of Orleans. It was informative and in depth as always. I have looked at this game before and was wondering whether it's suitable for our games group – and after watching your video, I reckon it is. So I'll have to take a closer look.

  3. Cheers Paul, very much enjoy Orleans, I have the BGG plastic chits, trade and intrigue, and the promos but not got to play it all yet. Sounds like I better get invasion for solo play so I get more use out of it all!

  4. Great work Paul. We house rule that there are only three buildings for each level on display, which are refilled as people take one. I think the Orders module in T&E adds more purpose to the map. There can be big points gained and its another puzzle to solve – how to get the goods needed and deliver them.

  5. Love your work, Paul. I agree with your assessment of the Intrigue element of the Trade & Intrigue expansion but you didn't mention Trade. There are two new Beneficial Deeds boards included in the expansion, one for use with Intrigue and one without, so those who don't like "take that" don't need to play with Intrigue. I love Orléans, and like it even more with Trade because it opens up additional winning strategies and give players more things to do on the town map.

  6. What do you think of Altiplano? I'm a fan of Orleans but tried Altiplano the other day and I begrudgingly (after investing in Orleans) think its the better design. More strategic, more centered, less sprawl, a hair deeper.

  7. I like the plague tile but agree its too random. I'm trying a house rule that everyone must lose a worker (player colors not eligible) and that players may chose to either trash a worker on their board or draw randomly. Curious how this would play with Altiplano rules for drawing.

  8. Great review- really fair and balanced!
    I love Orleans, and have an insert to help minimise some setup. One thing we like to house rule is to put out all the goods face down, so that traders don’t know what goods they’ll be able to acquire. Really levels it out.
    Have never played the expansions but have heard good things.
    Also know someone who house rules the plague by having people put the ‘starter’ token back in and redraw until they get one they can discard.

  9. The main thing I don't like about this game (it's in my top 10) is when playing with the event tiles from the Trade & Intrigue expansion, if none of the bad events are chosen at random, it can feel like you're just spinning your wheels the last couple of turns. I've had games where all of the workers had been hired. You really need those harmful events to keep it balanced right. I do like your house rule on the Plague event.
    I do have all of the promo tiles, and it's just way too many to choose from. So I'll usually pull a number equal to the player count times two plus three additional level ones and two additional level twos. This actually leads to a nice bit of variability, so that people can't go after the same strategy by building the same building every single game.

  10. Orleans is one of my favorite games! I agree, I would never play with the base events or the original beneficial deeds board. While these elements fix some of the issues I had with the base game, the co-op was a huge game changer for me. I think it transforms the original sandbox game to the extent that I would say it is almost a different one. You have a goal for which you have to strive for from the 1st second. It is an amazing puzzle with a really intense added tension which is not there in the original. Love both versions, I will never part with the game 🙂

  11. I actually like randomization in Orleans, it reminds me of deck building, how have you done balancing the contents of your bag, when to send workers off to the board try to keep your bag between 8-10 workers rotating as your focus changes

  12. Base game is fantastic, Invasion (especially the co-op) makes it even better….then Intrigue is dead to me 😛 if they sell Trade on its own or it goes half price somewhere I’ll give that one a go! I wish the buildings were something like 3 in a display that’s refilled when someone gets one, it’s just too much having every option open to you from the start

  13. Agree with all your points.

    My specific dislike: Setting up the goods on the map bit of the board; it takes ages, and THEN you have to stack all the remaining goods by type. That one bit puts me off getting the game out quite as often.

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