Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at a co-op power rangers game!

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24 thoughts on “Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Review – with Tom Vasel”

  1. Yeah… Deployment was done completely wrong. Wouldn't have changed how he felt about the game, but just wanted to point that out.

  2. The "Power Rangers" television series took much of its footage from the "Super Sentai" television series, produced by Toei Company. That's why when the Power Rangers Heroes are in uniform, fighting the Monsters, all the extras in the ground battles (acting as the innocents running away, to escape the Monsters) are Japanese, while the sky in the aerial or big monster fights are darker than the bright US sky, in the new US footage. Some people with high perception pick the changes, immediately, judging the product as too cheap for their taste. Maybe that's one of the reasons, why some people dislike the whole concept.

  3. you made a mistake with how putties are spawned. you dont just look at the back of the card to see what spawns you look at the card below to see where the putties you drew spawn.

  4. Power Rangers was my favorite childhood show. You can tell the game was made with a lot of heart, giving the characters distinct personality traits from the show!

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