QUAKE 1 ARENA Dreamcast r1.1

Whats this about
Q3 comes to Quake. This is a great mod – some cracking levels (29) and you get a real flavor of Q3. Latest version has improved bots & new gamemodes — Dreamcast version included new dm maps no need for quake 1 pak files I have tryed my hardest to make this stable extra fast polished release. Total time worked on just this was 2 weeks.
This is based on the PSP and NIntendo 3ds port and the pc version. Great mod of quake with q3 weapons, armors and gameplay style.

Credits to the following people this is based on
Based on q1a 0.75 mod from electro
mail – bad_lupus[at]ua[dot]fm
3DS fix by Purplstuph

Whats removed
— removed map cycle system you dont need to go to console anymore
— maps that would lag or crash it replaced with others

New features
— Complete conversion of a pc quake mod
— Does not need any version of quake1 anymore custom pakfiles
— 29 Deathmatch tested maps
— Fraglimt 20 when ether of the 4 bots or you reach 20 frags it will warp to a new map
— Boots straight to main menu no keyboard needed
— Main menu now has music after welcome to quake arena
— Reaching over 50fps on some maps very fast
— Forward and backward speed Much faster
— Turning speed faster
— Not allways fullbright on textures there will be light and dark and dynamic lighting
— tri-linear interpolation pvr filter
— maps can have round walls now
— Debug console print warning off
— Debug checks turned off for release
Engine upgrade Features
–Max models now 500
–Max zone buffer now 56k
–Max Surface cache 1024
–Max Wav buffhunk
–Max Edicts 800
–Max file handle 50
–Max script buffer
— Overflow allowed – experimetal
–11 meg silent heap experimental
— 3rd person view now selectable from gameplay option
–Faster turning speed
–New console background
— ingame music
–menu music

source: https://nasibbitar.net

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One thought on “QUAKE 1 ARENA Dreamcast r1.1”

  1. this looks great! is the multiplayer local split screen? Is there any online functionality in this engine? Keep up the good work. Im always interested in new DC development.

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