Red Dead Online Review

Red Dead Online reviewed by Luke Reilly on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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21 thoughts on “Red Dead Online Review”

  1. Rockstar is going to end its franchise. Rockstar better come on with GTA 6. Red Dead online will die quick. Everybody will get back on GTA V real quick.

  2. I wish gaming technology was at a point where we could have a game as beautiful as RDR2, with mutilpayer servers as populated as San Andreas Multiplayer servers were back in their prime. 500 players online at once, in a single server, all of the AI humans are replaced by real players. There could be Roleplay servers, or all kinds of different PVP options as well, you could even have a casual free roam style server….Maybe something like this will happen one day, when storage space and graphics cards become more advanced.

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