Retroflag GPi Review: The Raspberry Pi Game Boy We’ve Been Waiting For!


If it sells out, bookmark that link and check back often as new batches are expected soon.

This is our review for the Retroflag GPi CASE, the first commercially-available Raspberry Pi Game Boy! We’ll cover how the GPi works, potential mods, power options, and an in-depth analysis of each core feature. And this thing packs a punch!

Step aside custom Game Boy Zero builds, the $69.99 Retroflag GPi CASE was just released on June 11th, 2019.

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● Everything you’ll need (direct links to Amazon):
1. RetroFlag GPi:
2. Raspberry Pi Zero W:
3. 32GB Micro SD card:
4. Micro SD card reader:
5. NiMH AA batteries:

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● Text/photo version of review:

● (NEW) Full GPi setup and usage guide:

● Theme song:
“Microchip” by Jason Farnham from the YouTube Audio Library.

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24 thoughts on “Retroflag GPi Review: The Raspberry Pi Game Boy We’ve Been Waiting For!”

  1. Mod wise, I'd love to see wireless charging of an embedded battery. So it acts like a modern probable, but has the overall look of a gameboy.

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