Sacred Games Season 2 Review | Netflix India Original Series

Sacred Games Season 2 Review | Netflix India Original Series

India, the game’s bigger, the stakes are higher, and the players are ready. Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games Original Netflix Season 1 Review

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17 thoughts on “Sacred Games Season 2 Review | Netflix India Original Series”

  1. most imp part bcoz currently this mentality is on rise in India and it has huge political backing.
    One of the director's of sacred games has deleted his Twitter account after series of threats to his family for raising the voice against the mob lynching of a muslim boy that u just saw in the 2nd season.and there r alot of such incidents happening and people videotaping sharing these on internet.
    In india almost everyone has a guruji they believe in and the things u r not relating with is just bcoz of the Western media's ignorance almost all the political spiritual gangster and even few scenes of public violence are true events occurred in recent times .
    And the timeline of the series actually deals with the real gangster drug mafia and political events in that time period and the scenes that u see in beginning of each episode are real footage of very sad violent historic events that happened bcoz of religion.
    they went so bold with the each character looks that even if u have slight awareness of the state of politics and more importantly religious discourse happening the real counterparts of these character comes to mind immediately.
    Most of the events shown r actually real leaving out the nuclear threat.

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