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Here is my review for the new Netflix original, Tall Girl. What did you think?

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8 thoughts on “Tall Girl (2019) Netflix Review | Highly Recommend”

  1. Honestly, (as a tall girl) this movie was WAY too cringy for me. I do get people playfully making fun of me, but they over exaggerated pretty much everything. The swedish dude, his accent was pretty horrific. I live in Sweden and, oh boy, it sounds more Australian then Swedish. And they made it sound like there is nothing worse then being tall. The original idea I thought was cool but, I hate how they portrayed taller-ish girls. Love how your video was short and straight to the point, but the movie really did nothing for me.

  2. I watched the movie with my dad and the movie was good but the ending was so awful that we just sat there falling off of the couch with laughter about 20 minutes ago while watching.

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