The Outer Worlds Revives Its Genre In One Brilliant Stroke (Review)

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I was SO excited for this, and I’m so happy to report that this game is just…awesome. Congrats to Obsidian – you guys totally nailed it.

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49 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds Revives Its Genre In One Brilliant Stroke (Review)”

  1. I like the review but dang have you read at least a peace of marxist literature or simple capitalist theory and economic science ? We could do much better off.

  2. Are you paid from them? Skybox? Its aweful as soon as you looked up to the planet weirdly changing colours, etc. The city just has 8 neon signs on easy textured building. Where do you see technically stunning stuff? It is okay, but not even decent.
    Open world rpg with 25 hours? WOW! That is horrible for an rpg.
    And talking about "no bugs" and at the same footage you see someone getting shot behind a 1m thick concrete wall….wtf?

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