The Perfect Mix of Fallout and Mass Effect? The Outer Worlds Review Round-Up

The Outer Worlds is out this Friday but the reviews are live now and are saying some pretty good things about Obsidian’s new sci-fi RPG.

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27 thoughts on “The Perfect Mix of Fallout and Mass Effect? The Outer Worlds Review Round-Up”

  1. Am I the only one that sees the system shock / prey influences heavily? Almost more so than fallout even. This game looks great. I’m extremely excited to play of the first PC games I’ve been really hyped about in a long long time. Since fallout 4 I’d say, and that turned out being lackluster.

    Besides RDR2, this is the only must buy must play first day game that’s come around in a while. I’m so glad obsidian is back with the fallout new vegas style RPG again..I still play new vegas 9 years later so I’m stoked for a new take. My absolute favorite genre of games by one of the best RPG developers with a much desired space theme.

    Looks like they delivered and I’m glad. In fact, with the way that Bethesda is self-destructing, I imagine this is going to be the Starfield that Bethesda is going to inevitably ruin.

  2. The graphics and level of detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 has spoiled me so much…. all other games look like last generation. Why can't all open world games look at least as good as RDR2? You think graphics would even get better since RDR2 is already a year old… but the new games don't even come close!

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