20 thoughts on “The Perfection – Netflix Movie Review

  1. I've watched nearly everything you've posted in the last ten years and I don't think I can keep going when Laura is involved. She is the death of comedy.

  2. Glad you guys reviewed this movie. I enjoyed it, but haven't spoken to anyone else who has. (The person I viewed it with was not a fan.)

  3. Black Swan is a copy of Perfect Blue lol , scary how people still nowadays can get away with copying asian movies and animations

  4. So I understand that Laura is no fan of the works of John Willie? You gotta respect the classics though!
    Sweet Gwendoline was so influential.

  5. Is this the new permanent format? There was something soothing and shit about the car reviews. Now its just like any other review channel.

  6. Did y’all see how they disfigured the fuck out of Anton at the end? At first I thought it was a lame ending but then I saw what they did and was like “Ok, spoke too soon!” 🤢

  7. The last scene reminded me of ‘American Mary’, but less fun.

    And ‘Boxing Helena’ is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Not the box stuff – THAT ending 😡

  8. It's not that I dislike Mozart, quite the opposite. But as far as I'm concerned he could never be my favourite composer, there are just to many what I consider superior alternatives.

    It's like having Stjepan Šejić as favourite comic book artist, he's good but not No. 1 material.

  9. oh nice i was hoping youd do this…

    highly enjoyed it, not often you get this kind of batshit mindfuckery in western cinema and i was there for every minute… my 2 issues are the last 2 twists are a bit predictable if you watch enough korean/japanese mindfuck horror.. and i needed more time between the characters in the start to give weight to the 1st/3rd twist… i get why, its not in there to justify but to parallel, but you need to give us enough development between the characters, some type of stockholm or prior relationship to make continued trust believable… unless theyre planning a sequel based on i saw the devil

  10. Please review The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook, it’s my favourite movie of the last half a decade and it’s kind of the way better version of this (I liked this too but considering what I’m comparing it to…)

  11. I found this film obnoxious. Irritatingly so. Garish-as-fuck cinematography, hokey-as-fuck acting, OBNOXIOUS editing, pretentious writing, and shock value that is ultimately not all that shocking.

  12. This movie isn't worthy of a spoiler warning since each "twist" comes from waaaaaay out of left field with no set up whatsoever. Plus the movie treats it's audience like they're retarded, having to spoon-feed you every little "gotcha" moment. It was well made but the writing and scenes seemed extremely amateurish.

  13. This movie may have lost me at the "body mutilation" comment, but I subscribe to Netflix so I have the ability to alter the scene timing, maaaybe I will see it?

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