Travel to Binh Ba Island – Beautiful – Happy

Itinerary starts from 9-5-2019 to 11-5-2019
The trip consists of 6 members named: Minh, Hiep, Vy, Tien, Trinh, Thu.
Vist location:
– Binh Ba Island: Pho Hostel in Bai Nom, Bai Chieu, Bai Nha Cuoi
– Sea Star Resort
– Tu Van Pagoda (Oc Pagoda)
Interesting things:
– First it is Prussia. A super cheap place to stay but also has a sea view at Bai Nu Binh Ba Island.
– Next is seafood restaurant Super delicious and cheap, plus enthusiastic and cute.
– Special note that you do not eat Pho Hanoi restaurant right at the wharf because it is super expensive (also true because the island does not raise cows)
– Next to Sea Star Resort is beautiful but also affordable.
– A small bonus point is a Thi Hong hotpot shop located right at the National Highway 1 near My Thanh fork, which is also very delicious and affordable.
– After that, we visited Tu Van pagoda or also called Oc pagoda. Inside the temple, there is an electric car carrying all of the magnificent magnificent Snails. The most special thing in that temple is the “18 floors of hell” that surely you have to experience once said.


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