Vocal Coach Reacts to BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)’ MV

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Haven’t reacted to BTS in a while and man I am honestly blown away by this song, very sentimental and emotional song, love those high notes they hit in a light mix coordination, the music video had some good CGI on them, overall I think this was fabulous and I can’t wait to react to more of their stuffs!
I hope you guys enjoyed my reaction and learned something from this video about their technique and musicianship


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43 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts to BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)’ MV”

  1. I hope you start branching out to more kpop groups. Because they are ALL amazing. Thankyou for reacting to BTS! I also hope you react to a group called Seventeen 😁. Their vocals are also amazing!

  2. If you want to get to know them, I'd suggest you take a look at their previous songs, because you started at a very advanced level right now… The song is actually a soundtrack for their new app (game) and the mv's storyline relates with the game's storyline. As for the song's meaning, it talks about them leaving in different worlds but still being united as a group by destiny (that's what the planets in the mv show and that's the theme of the game) and also appreciating their fans (as always), so to understand you should really pay attention to the lyrics and mv clips. Also if you want to know the vocalist's parts of the song you can check out the lyric video version of the song, made by fans. It will help you distinguish each member and their voices and also learn their names.
    **(2012 was the year they all met each other as trainees before their debut, which was in June 2013)

  3. Great reaction! I think you would definitely really like a lot of BTS’ other work as well, BTS have a lot of great stuff to check out! And it was really interesting to hear your perspective and analysis of the music! Very nice video!

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