When They See Us – NETFLIX Movie Review – CENTRAL PARK 5

When They See Us has now been released on Netflix. Check out my When They See Us – NETFLIX Movie Review video! In this episode I discuss the new series by Ava Duvernay When They See Us. It focusing on the Harlem Park 5 incident in April 1989. The Trailer looked great and the series is even better. Check out as many interviews as you can. Please subscribe to see all of my Movie Reviews.


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39 thoughts on “When They See Us – NETFLIX Movie Review – CENTRAL PARK 5”

  1. Thank u so much black man 4 sharing your vulnerability with us on screen. U are appreciated 🙇🏾‍♀️❤🖤💚✊🏽

  2. Listening to this man is blk folks problem. Because if we as blk ppl believe that we can continue to say, lets stay focus on building our communities up (which we don't have). We will one day have to deal with our enemy, who is very determined to keep us oppressed by any means necessary. I understand that we are very afraid to battle this monster.

  3. Fuck Trump. I always think my disdain can't get deeper, but it always does. I am so disgusted with my fellow whites–his racism is a feature, not a bug to them. Fuck them all.

    Also: the very proof nothing has changed is that that racist blob is in the effing White House.

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