One thought on “2 sao danh cho nha hang Kim Tư Long”

  1. An nhieu vay ma cho 2 Star thoi huhchi oi, I think the food and the sanitation are still better than your home town. It is a buffet place , and you are probably went in when they are about to be closed lol. It is not good because of those people like you instead of the place. It seem normal to me. The price is right, and for your information, most Korean place cost about 40 dollars but they don’t let you have free beer. Beer is additional charged. I’m a Vietnamese, but sometime I really am ashamed of my own people, never pick up their own trash but always expect other people to pick up for them and blamed the worker omg, get a life, you are so mean. KTL your restaurant is fine, this person is just trying to make other people life as miserable as her life is. OMG. Ugh , I don’t know why, I get so mad at this lady, she is wayyyyyy toooooooo ridiculous, too demanding, to fake, tooooo show up . Really am want to see her house and the way she lives omg, I can’t stop myself laughing, don’t know why I watched this YouTube at the first place

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