5 Things We Liked About The Outer Worlds Gameplay And 3 Things We Didn’t!

It’s #TheOuterWorlds review time so Ian Higton used 14 hours of his post EGX day off to play The Outer Worlds gameplay for this video! Find out the 5 things we liked about The Outer Worlds PS4 gameplay and 3 things that didn’t work so well about The Outer Worlds PC gameplay in this The Outer Worlds preview. Will this Fallout clone be the game for you? Find out in this spoiler free review of The Outer Worlds!

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20 thoughts on “5 Things We Liked About The Outer Worlds Gameplay And 3 Things We Didn’t!”

  1. What?! No romance options for Commander Shepard? I'm out.

    Pathetic enemies too slow to harm you…what a bummer. Overhyped relic game. Nothing here is new.

  2. btw I know Obsidian only made Fallout: NV, but the guys that run it (Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarski) worked on the first one as project leads and then were in charge of making Fallout 2 at Troika. So they created the franchise as we know it, Bethesda bought the rights after Fallout 2. They are the "spiritual owners" of Fallout. So it's weird when people talk like the people at Bethesda created it and this is a game that only feels like FO because of New Vegas. It goes back

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