Amazon Japan Tool Haul 3

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Tsunoda Softjaw Pliers:
Super Promecha:
OLFA saw blades:
ENGINEER Solder Sucker:
ANEX bits 5pc:
Platinum Pencil:
Jetstream pen:
OLFA Knife:
ENGINEER Tweezer tips:
Wave circle cutter:
ENGINEER pin vise:
NT circle cutter:
ANEX pin vise:
HOZAN P-640-P:
HOZAN P-882:
Tsunoda needle nose:
Tsunoda cable tie nipper:
2×4 layout tool:
Layout square:
VESSEL bits with magnetizer:
ANEX bits:
VESSEL bits:
Robot hand:
Rotring pencil:
Tsunoda side cutter with holding function:
ZEBRA DelGuard pencil:
TOMBOW multifunction pen pencil:
ZEBRA DelGuard pencil 2:


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3 thoughts on “Amazon Japan Tool Haul 3”

  1. Actually, if you take a closer look, the 2×4 ruler thingy does not have "freedom units" markings. Those 1/3 and 1/4 marks (and the midway mark together with the latter lines) indicate where you are along that 4×4's length with respect to itself: bottom, one-third up the lumber, two-thirds, and finally the opposite edge. These help you space out holes/screws evenly; the holes moulded into the ruler seem to also follow an equidistant pattern for better layout. Ditto for the quarter-/half-length marks, as well as the shorter half-shoulder, I will venture that it has the same marks and proportions for a 2×4.

  2. The N33 cutters are referred to as “oblique cutters” if anyone is interested. It’s basically halfway between an end nipper and regular wire cutter. They’re great for working on electronic boards, zip ties, etc. Also, the handheld pin vise may have a double sided collet with more sizes, as well as a second double sided collet in the back of the handle (you screw off the butt end there are more drill bit sizes). This one may or may not have these options.

  3. i would recommend you take a look at pica dry for shop pen and i would guess you'd love the rotring multifunction pen (ASIN: B00QUXRMRA). have a good day!

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