4 thoughts on “Avalanche Review Game 22: Wild 3, Avs 2, rosy-cheeked angel”

  1. Why do the AVS retreat into the neutral zone (giving up possession when in the offensive zone) when they have guys deep, battling for the puck, who end up getting outnumbered?  

    I get not wanting to give odd man rushes, but it seems like these guys are giving up on offensive possession too early.

  2. If there’s one team , not to lose to it’s “Wild” 😫 I’d rather the Av’s lose to the C.C. Tigers 🐯 this one hurts for me! Can’t wIt to get “Gabe” back in the lineup, mikko as well.

  3. "The Avs were just bad in this one." I'm actually glad you started with this blank admission, b/c it was true. We're both passionate fans, but as before, you cut them a little more slack than I due to its being the tail-end of a road trip. You may be right for doing so, whereas I don't feel that's an excuse for the product on the ice we got last night. I will say that when I heard how high you & AJ were riding on the recent podcasts, I thought it still should be a bit tempered, as the 'puck-coaster' can be an ordeal of quick ups & downs. Let's hope last night (which I believe is a game we should have bagged) ends up being just a minor dip. Lastly, I didn't think Bednar had a good night either. Oh well, got to love that hockey. Thank you for your work, NR. Go Avs!

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