Beat Saber In-Depth Game Review – 100 in 100

Beat Saber In-Depth Game Review

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Beat Saber is the best game inside of virtual reality. Some may even argue this game is the best game they have played regardless of the platform. We certainly feel that way, and if you get this game, we think you will too. This game does a fantastic job of covering all of the bases of what a good VR game needs to succeed. This is the highest review score we have ever given, and nothing else is going to beat it, they will only have a chance to tie it.

Beat Saber is a rhythm VR game that requires you to have fun while wearing the headset. There isn’t a lot go variety of what you will be seeing in this game, but the variety will be coming from the exclusive music. On top of the songs made for this game, the devs are constantly adding big names to their music packs. Imagine Dragons and Panic! At The Disco are the headliners right now, but we can expect bigger names to appear in the very near future. This is a great game for any headset.

In our VR game reviews, we cover everything you will want to know before you go out and buy a VR title. Our game covers the following:

Getting Up and Running 0:54
Type of Game 1:57
Player Perspective 2:46
Theme and Story 3:18
Controls 3:52
Music and Sound 5:36
Player Movement 6:10
Kinetosis 6:49
Environment and Immersion 8:04
Overall 9:07

Score Card
Theme & Story: 10/10
Controls: 10/10
Music and Sound: 10/10
Player Movement: 10/10
Kinetosis: 10/10
Environment and Immersion: 10/10
Overall: 10/10


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  1. Totaly Awesome, I totally liked it!, check my bass cover of 'Beat It',channel link, you might like 🙂

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