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 RELAXES MIND: Vitamin B12 is a critical nutrient for all mind related troubles like
stress, migraine, mood and memory. Vitamin B12 also helps to quell anxiety, lift
depression and boost energy. It also improves symptoms of attention deficit
 ENHANCES ENERGY: Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in converting all those
carbs. Glycine then is converted into energy with the help of Vitamin B12. It is very
important to make sure that our body is properly fueled to perform daily activities and
our energy levels don’t fall. Vitamin b complex supplements are meant for this role.
Foliate a form of Vitamin B12, converts carbohydrates into energy. Vitamin B12
helps keep blood cells healthy.
 B12 DEFICIENCY: One way to ensure that you are getting your Daily Values for
Vitamin B12 is to take dietary supplements.
 BOOST ENERGY, BRAIN AND METABOLISM: The Vitamin B12 is vital for mind
and body. Vitamin b12 will improve your ability to deal with stress, while boosting
your energy levels, improving cognition and increasing your metabolic function
fortifying your immune and nervous system

Product : Healthvit Vitamin B12 500mcg For Vitamin B12 Deficiency 60 Tablets
B for Brain! Are you taking Vitamin B12 for You Active brain Function?
Healthvit Vitamin B12 500mcg
• Helps To Produce Red Blood Cells
• Helps To Maintain Good Health
• For Energy Production
• Essential For Carbohydrate Metabolism
• Help Improve Brain Function
• Maintain Healthy Brain Cells
Vitamin B12 – 500mcg., Glycine – 50 mg.

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