Brookfield Aviation A330 Pilot Jobs for Bamboo Airways Vietnam (Español version)

A330 First Officers, A330 Captains and A330 Instructors are welcome to apply below links:

A330 Captains and A330 Instructors:

A330 First Officers:

Email: First Officers: Captains and Instructors:

Bamboo Airways is owned by the FLC Group, a Vietnamese multi-industry company, focusing on aviation, real estate, resort, farming, and golf. Bamboo Airways is also the first hybrid airline in Vietnam, founded in 2017 and began commercial operations in January 2019, offering flights linking the capital of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with cities in Vietnam. The airline plans on offering up to 40 domestic routes in 2019.

Additionally, Bamboo Airways is preparing to launch international service to Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Australia, before broadening service to other destinations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Join Bamboo Airways if you are A330 First Officer/ A330 Captain/ A330 TRI and are looking for a fair, motivating and transparent working environment.


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