Brutally Honest Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game that scream inconsistency. Definitely not a masterpiece, but also not a bad or mediocre game.

But is #PokemonSwordShield a lesser #NintendoSwitch game compared to the likes of Zelda, Fire Emblem etc? We go over it extensively in this Review! #PokemonSwitch
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39 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Pokemon Sword and Shield Review”

  1. To everyone saying this wasn't an 8/10 game, you're comparing it to all previous games that had national dex and didn't have graphical issues because they weren't on the Switch. Believe it or not reviewers do sometimes have to isolate themselves somewhat from previous experiences. If no other pokemon game had ever existed then Sword and Shield would seem like a fascinating breath of fresh air. Possibly even higher than a 8/10. Because despite all its flaws when viewed as an individual video game it is undeniable fun and impressive, it's just not what we know it could be. You can't really review video games relative to what you think it could have been. You just have to judge what's there.

  2. This is by far the most egalitarian review I've heard. Thanks for the great vid. It's to be expected from one of the best video game YT accounts.

  3. I think that this is an amazing game, and so do a lot of people, but when they hear the negative reviews, it’ll change the person’s mind, I know they say it is an opinion but people’s opinion make that person to Change their mind, like mine was about to but I was enjoying the game and all those negative things that people say about this game is not noticeable at all, so be grateful on what they delivered in this game cause it is a lot of thing they try to deliver at once.

  4. Yes! Finally! An actually fair review on the game pointing out its flaws and calling out GF while at the same time speaking about the things that are good about it. Congrats guys my full respect to you !

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