Death Stranding – A Great and Terrible Game – Detailed Review

Death Stranding – A Great and Terrible Game – Detailed Review | DefendTheHouse
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30 thoughts on “Death Stranding – A Great and Terrible Game – Detailed Review”

  1. Actually the Story is really good when you understand Kojima's Work and when you understand what this game is about.
    And no its not about "Death Stranding" or about "Reconnecting America".

  2. Could you really not follow the story? I thought it was very simple. The only thing they seemed to do was mention the same things about a character more than once. I figured it was because people are terrible at listening. They most often just wait for a turn to talk rather than stop, shut up, and listen. That and it was made to address people that are overwhelmingly depressed, specifically the Hikikomori living in Japan. Speaking to someone like that, you need to beat them over the head with the message.

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