Death Stranding is Severely Damaged Cargo – The Review

Death Stranding is a truly polarizing title. To some, it is an art piece that delivers on every expectation and more… to others… it is a horribly boring disappointment that cares more about self-absorbed pretentious story-telling than creating a fun experience.

It’s hard to say from an authoritative perspective whether or not each individual will enjoy, or despise this game… it is severely flawed, yet exceptionally unique… and on the most basic level unfettered creativity must be respected and supported, but it does not need to be blindly praised.











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29 thoughts on “Death Stranding is Severely Damaged Cargo – The Review”

  1. Thanks for the honest review! It’s a game, so my question is: is it FUN? If not, then it might be an artistic movie of cut scenes, but a total failure of engaging game play.

  2. I can tell from watching a few reviews well the 1st one was all I needed to KNOW I would HATE this games game play but the story seems interesring but there was a LOT of homo erotic shit in this game! Like those showering scenes WTF! But there was a lot of things like how it wanted to say things about nations building walls and being isolationist but THAT was too be a dig at trump but were not even trying to be that so idk how relevant a point it was. But the media REALLY wanted to over read into THAT! But it's the ACTUAL boring af grind fetch quest go here take this to that npc then repeat on the way back and even the fast travel was hidden by some fkn 5 load screens so it's NOT even fast smh

  3. The entire "situation" around Death Stranding is a bit puzzling to me.
    "Hey, it's a game that some like and some don't"– UUU, such a shocking statement. There has never been a game like that.
    I honestly don't understand people on both sides. If you like it- fine. Doesn't mean everyone else should feel the same way. And vice versa. Not everything needs to be hyped and wanked off to.
    I believe that the problem is marketing. Sony has marketed the hell out of this game (as they should, since they've bankrolled it) and all their other games were crowd pleasers (with all the pros and cons that come with that). And people probably expected the same from Death Stranding, but it's basically a high budget indie game, not designed for the mass market.
    It's fine to like a game. And it's fine to not like it. I just can't understand why such a thought process is so hard these days…

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