Death Stranding is the Scariest Game of 2019…to Review

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28 thoughts on “Death Stranding is the Scariest Game of 2019…to Review

  1. This video was supposed to come out yesterday, but the file was "deleted" at the time. (actually it was just reformatted into a tmp file?? I unno what happened), so I'm sorry for the delay my friendlies.

  2. If it has a lot of roaming I'll love it. My favorite part of skyrim (back when it came out) was following the roads and small paths and following the signs, walking off path and finding weird shit or just looking at the snowy mountains in the pink sunset, listening to the sound of the wind and soft crunches of the snow. I absolutely love stuff like that. I'd love to play a game as a traveler in an open world with no particular greater goal, meeting people and seeing different towns and villages. That would complete my life.

  3. I started last night. This is really one that you have to experience before you try and form an opinion. I’ll say this much. I’m going for that platinum. This game is exactly what I needed.

  4. When so many different people under IGN have reviewed so many games, it’s impossible to keep an accurate list of each game’s quality in order.

    So you can understand why I want to bash my head in whenever I hear “X got a higher score than Y”.

  5. How fanboys read ratings: Above 9.5 =masterpiece, 9.0=heavily flawed but still a genuinely good game, 8.0=mediocre, 7.5= bad, 7.0=very bad, 6.0= complete dogshit, below 5.0= this game will literally give you herpes and piss on your grandma's grave.

  6. Sadly Goose, we live in a society where we have been devided into groups and anyone with a different opinion is the enemy, be it left or right wing politics, Pepsi vs coke, dogs vs cats, Xbox vs PlayStation, doesn't matter we're fragmented and devided so I choose to stay outside of any particular group, I'm not a PlayStation fan, I just own a few PlayStations and play them, I'm not a Pokemon fan, I just like pokemon and play it, I'm not anything or anyone, I just am and the more people just are the better this world will be throw away the labels

  7. I'll get my hands on the game in a hour so… I don't know anything

    But my guess is death stranding is just not for everyone, it looks like a game that need you to invest about 50 hours in it MINIMUM for you to understand it fully
    Genius or mistake? Remember MGS2, the immediate repercussions can and WILL change in a few day, weeks, months… Years?

  8. It seems like Death Stranding is more akin to an indie game with its genre, but it's from a AAA studio, so people buying it are confused since they haven't played a AAA game like this before. I'm going to get the game today though, so we'll see.

  9. As a Sonic fan, I think it's nice to hear that you have a different opinion on one of my favorite games. I think Sonic Forces is the worst Sonic game ever made, but I don't tell people that like it their wrong.

  10. People are free to have whichever opinion they like, but that doesn't mean "reviews" as a form of media themselves cannot also be critiqued since there are plenty of aspects that make a review good or bad beyond the reviewer's own opinion. Of course, everyone is free to have their own opinion, I don't think many are arguing against that, but using your example of Sonic Mania is somewhat disingenuous if you're someone that has never enjoyed 2D Sonic since your critiques fall on the genre/franchise not the individual game itself. One could argue large review corporations should put focus on providing the proper review to the user that best suits the target audience, and I think that's fair for people to highlight.

  11. I'm not even really that big a Kojima fan I just hate Konami for ruining every single series they own and I really like traveling on foot in games

  12. I was waiting for reviews to decide whether or not to buy Death Stranding. MGS1-4 (2 best) are some of my favourite games ever but after Kojima made the shitshow that is MGSV destroying Konami I couldn't trust him him to make consistently good games. The IGN review convinced me to not buy Death Stranding. If Death Stranding had received universal praise kind of like MGSV I would have bought it. I can't buy every game to see if I like it or not.

  13. It isn't confusing it's just most reviewers are shills or terrified of the back lash honest reviewers are there also. Summed up in 20 words not a 20 min vod lmao

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