DJI Mavic MINI Flight Test Review IN-DEPTH – How good is it…REALLY!?

Enjoy my in-depth DJI MAVIC MINI Flight Review. Does it live up to the HYPE? Is it the best mini drone? Mini Here:
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DJI has thus far been able to hold off the competition for the most part in just about every corner of the drone market. With the Mavic Mini offering, it seems they want to bridge the gap between small size and ultra light weight while achieving maximum flight time and range. They are on their way.

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Mavic Mini Playlist Here

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20 thoughts on “DJI Mavic MINI Flight Test Review IN-DEPTH – How good is it…REALLY!?”

  1. I was waiting for thus one. Looks good so far. Can’t wait for range test and all the fun stuff you do with the drones.

  2. Will the quickshot track a moving subject in the modes? For example, jog along a path and quickshot a circle.

    If the software can detect people in the modes there's no way it can't track. I wonder if they just didn't want to add that feature because it would compete with their higher priced models.

    The mini is the first drone I've ever been interested in, but unless they add active track to an update it's just not something I'll likely buy.

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