[Full Movie] 总裁别太坏 1 President 1 Contract Wife, Eng Sub 契约娇妻 | 2019 Romance 爱情电影 1080P

Plot Summary: 2019 President Series Movie “President 1 Contract Wife 总裁别太坏之契约娇妻”: Ye, Lin, Yi and Chen are the Four Greatest Families in the city. Chen’s Family declined in business, the daughter, Chen Yuhan, was sent to Ye’s Family by her father. She just broke up with Lin Jinyu for his unfaithfulness, and sought solace in drink. On the other hand, Young President of Ye’s Family, Ye Chenxi, was drugged in bar by the daughter of Yi’s Family, Yi Xuanxuan, at that night, as Yi Xuanxuan loves Ye Chenxi from young. Ye Chenxi and Chen Yuhan went to bed together for drunk. Then Chen Yuhan was pregnant after two months. As Ye’s Family always has only one son in their nine generations. Ye Chenxi’s parents insist on it that Ye Chenxi must marry Chen Yuhan and keep the baby. So under the trick of Han Chenyang, a friend of Chenxi, Ye Chenxi and Chen Yuhan start their contract marriage life…
故事简介: 2019霸道总裁系列电影《总裁别太坏 之契约娇妻 President 1 Contract Wife》由卖萌漫画平台《契约娇妻:总裁别太坏》授权改编,讲述陈氏集团大小姐陈雨涵因家道中落,被父亲陈志雄安排到世交好友叶翔家中暂住一段时间避风头。入住叶家的当晚,陈雨涵因男友林锦御出轨、家族企业面临的难题而借酒消愁,慢慢酒精上头。另一边,叶氏集团的少董叶辰希因在酒吧被宜氏集团的千金宜萱萱下药,宜萱萱爱慕叶辰希已久,想要借此机会生米煮成熟饭,结果叶辰希迷迷糊糊回到家中,和喝醉的陈雨涵发生了关系。二个月后,陈雨涵不慎晕倒,此时,叶家得知陈雨涵怀上了叶辰希的孩子。 由于叶家一脉单传,二老强烈要求两人结婚生下孩子,迫于种种原因,叶辰希在好友韩晨阳出的“馊主意”下与陈雨涵签下“不平等”契约并结婚,而陈雨涵也为了肚子里的孩子同意与叶辰希的契约婚姻。陈雨涵和叶辰希也因此过上了一段啼笑皆非、吵吵闹闹的婚姻生活。
出品 Produced: 上海寒越, 上海凡酷, 峰幂影视, 麦萌影视
导演 Director: 吉米 Jimmy
主演 Starring: 文卓 Wen Zhuo, 祝愿 Zhu Yuan, 陈霜 Chen Shuang, 梁证嘉 Kelvin Leung, 陈俊亨 Chen Junheng
题材 Feature: #爱情 #Romance, 偶像剧 Idol Drama
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