Game Review: World’s End (Flash-based SRPG) – Oldschool and Awesome

World’s End is a completely Free-To-Play strategic role playing game (SRPG) developed by independent studio Mezzanine Stairs. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this game and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

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Songs used (all songs from “World’s End” unless noted otherwise):
“Panoptic Terror”
“Class and Refinement”
“The Abomination”
“Boris Belayav”
“World’s End” from Touhou 5: Mystic Square

Isometric map design video by Official Steezie:

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5 thoughts on “Game Review: World’s End (Flash-based SRPG) – Oldschool and Awesome”

  1. Really surprised to see a video on this game. I love it a lot and I’ve always been anticipating the next installment. Thanks for the great review; you’re a pleasure to listen to.

    Ysabel is indeed the best. I also like using Vadim, Tevoran, Reynold and Ivan. I use to not use Ivan but in chapter 2 and 3 with excess points to spend I saw how good he could be; he can obtain such good gear.

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