Garden Grill Breakfast Full Review | Epcot Land Pavilion

We check out The Garden Grill Restaurant at Epcot for breakfast! We give our full review of our experience and long story short we loved it, and we can’t wait to go back!

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8 thoughts on “Garden Grill Breakfast Full Review | Epcot Land Pavilion”

  1. We’ve been to Garden Grill for breakfast on both of our trips. On our first trip it was the only character meal. On our second trip we did both Garden Grill and Chef Mickey’s (along with a mommy-daughter brunch at Akershus). Garden Grill is our favorite when it comes to breakfast food. Chip and Dale are always great and Pluto is a hit with our toddler. Chef Mickey’s has a completely different vibe and although we had a great time there, even our 6 year old says he prefers the more relaxing Garden Grill. We’ve never been for lunch or dinner, though!

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