Golem PSVR | In Depth Review

Golem PSVR Review

In depth review of Gole for PSVR:

– length
– Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro
– Gameplay
– Controls
– Graphics
– Music
– Everything you need to know



GOLEM PRICE: £34.99 / $29.99


source: https://nasibbitar.net

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31 thoughts on “Golem PSVR | In Depth Review

  1. So question? What happened w Paper Beasts? Was all set to come out a month or so ago..and fell quiet..same w Mars Odyssey…just wondering what happened w them?

  2. For anyone who wants to know about undead citadel I emailed them and they said they are constantly working on it and that news about the game will be out soon

  3. Thanks Paul!! You have me SUPER excited for this!! I cant wait until next week!! The only thing I do not understand, is the controls. Why in the hell do these developers not utilize the Move Navigation controllers?!? I get that not everyone has them, but I'm willing to bet those who do not, would definitely buy them if games like this had the support. It confuses me to the point of anger, haha. VR tennis had the right idea. Maybe if more of us pushed them to support it, they just might…. hint hint wink wink nudge nudge 😉

  4. Hey bud. Did you notice that when you use the dual shock, the leaning still works? Is there a way to tell the game only to use DualShock? Because I noticed the leaning would sometimes conflict with the DualShock input.

  5. I'm so relieved to see this game isn't a catastrophe. After 5 years I thought this game was going to be a disaster for sure. I can't wait to pick this up at my local EB games on Nov 22, 19.

  6. I've been sold from the very start, before the PSVR headset itself was even released, but now I'm more than sold. This month is insane for quality games. Theres too many!

  7. Wow..better than blood and truth or re7? You convinced me paul. Thanks for your review!👍Cant wait for your review on asgards wrath😅. Theres a lot of us who have psvr and love vr so much that we have multiple headsets now. Let us know if you do get that other channel up. Thanks bud

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