Google Stadia: A Cool Idea with a Terrible Launch | Review/First Impressions

Review/First Impressions of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition. It is not as bad as people are hyping it up to be, but the Stadia is not awful either. The Destiny 2 gameplay is recorded directly from Google Stadia and honestly the input lag is not too bad. The prices for games is still ridiculous but if Google makes some changes and fixes some of the technical issues, Stadia could actually be a good service.

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45 thoughts on “Google Stadia: A Cool Idea with a Terrible Launch | Review/First Impressions”

  1. This is not new, others have tried it and not worked out and still seems to be that way, Google has already messed this up not sending out code for people especially founders that were promised day one experience (not to mention the many other things Google has tried and thrown out). Horrible pricing on games that you can get at better prices everywhere else. Anyone that has data limits will be screwed, this eats it up horribly and most importantly those that can use this garbage there are many more that can't and has horrible input lag, ect.

    I'm not for xbox but form what I see project x cloud is going to destroy this in an instant.

  2. One time youtube put dreamcast guy in my autoplay and it came on before I could click off it. I cringes so hard I got stuck cringing I almost died.

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