45 thoughts on “Google Stadia Final Review Chat”

  1. It's clear these guys are being as polite as possible but I get it. For starters just slamming Stadia doesn't really do much as there are tons of videos out there already doing that but also because GameSpot is a big company so they can't afford to go thermal nuclear war on a single product as they need to stay in somewhat good standings with most everyone in the industry. Especially a huge conglomerate like Google.

    I think it's worth noting, however, that according to Digital Foundry, Stadia does not stream in full 4K as they discovered that Red Dead 2 maxes out at 1440p and there aren't ANY games running at 4K/60. While Destiny 2 runs at 1080p/60 that's not the promise Google made on stage several months ago.

    But more than anything else the biggest setback for Stadia is bandwidth usage. On average I use about 75% of my 1TB cap each month (YouTube, YouTube TV, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes purchases/rentals, software updates to all the tech in the house, etc.) so adding Stadia to the mix would mean having to pay another $30 a month to remove the data cap. That's $360 a year for the foreseeable future for the so-called convenience of playing games sans console. I bought my PS4 Pro about 5 years ago, had I needed to remove my bandwidth data cap to play games all those years that would come out to $1,800 over that same 5 year period as well as another $10 a month (or $600 over 5 years, which when combined with the data cap removal comes out to $2,400 over 5 years) to play games at 4K.

    No thanks Google, I'll stick with consoles.

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